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  • Mian Features:Main Features:* Graphical operating interface, menu designed for convenient use* High brightness and large size LCD, with touch screen input* Flexibl...
  • Mian Features:* Single or dual wavelength measurements, comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data-evaluation functions with cut-offs, curve-fits and transform...
  • Mian Features:Mian Features:* Large LCD display, menu designed for convenient use* Whole plate washing or single strip washing* 12-way and 8-way manifold included*...
  • Mian Features:Mian Features:* Optional touch screen, external mouse action and standard keyboard* Micro dimension flow cell, with precision temperature control and...
Quality policy:to sophisticated technology,to meet user needs;Quality win, making reliable products;Trust each other,to provide quality services.
Quality goal:to improve product awareness, maintain customer zero complaint, 95% customer satisfaction
DIATEK LABORATORYHiwell Diatek Instruments (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. inherits the strict manage system of the Diatek Laboratory, and it commit itself to the R&D and manufacture of the precise clinical laboratory instruments. Since the company came into existence, based on theadvanced technology of the Diatek Laboratory in photoelectricity and the local prod......
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